Financing and Post-Purchase Protections at Ed Koehn Chevrolet

Who said financing your vehicle had to be hard? Do you know them personally? Because if you do, we want you to tell them about Ed Koehn Chevrolet in Rockford, MI. We have over a half-dozen dealership programs that will make the financing and ownership process less taxing on you and everyone else looking for a new Chevy in Rockford.

So, whether you think financing a new Chevy is tough or one of your friends, we'd love to show you how easy it is to make things happen. No matter your credit history, our programs are designed to help you from start to finish.

Pre-Purchase Assistance

Quick and Easy Online Pre-Approval

We're not going to brag about our high approval rating. We'll just tell you that we've worked with people from Grand Rapids to Sparta, MI, who have had a challenging credit history. And you know what we did? We accepted their challenger.

Our finance reps are in tune with what our customers need. They know that there's no cookie-cutter fix for every situation. Some require a little more diligence than others. And they're prepared to go the extra mile to find a lender to sign off on your loan and match your budget. Don't believe us? It doesn't hurt to try. Get your free online pre-approval with no impact on your credit score. We'll show you just how much we want to help you get the keys to a new Chevy.

Specials and Deals

We have plenty of new and pre-owned vehicle specials in Rockford, MI. You can check out our new Chevy offers and see how to save big on your new Chevy. Or you can browse our pre-owned inventory and find a low-price, high-quality used car to take home today. We've got options. It's just a matter of finding the one that works best for you.

After Purchase Protection

Luxcare XT®

Sun, salt, and other outside factors can damage your vehicle's condition and disrupt resale value. But you can keep your car shining at all times with Luxcare XT®. Luxcare XT® is a specialized deterrent that will penetrate your car's clear coat and create a barrier against the outside elements. It will also protect your alloy wheels and keep your headlight covers from becoming dim with fog. This barrier can also protect your interior upholstery from spills and other things that can damage your interior design.

Road Hazard Protection

There's only a few things that can ruin your day faster than running over a pothole in Greenville, MI. If you run over one large enough, it can pop your tire, damage your rims, or even cause problems for your steering components. Road hazard protection will repair or replace damaged rims or flat tires. It will repair small dents and also supply 24/7 roadside assistance. And all this is provided with zero deductible. If you've got a problem with your wheels, then you've got a solution with road hazard protection.

Platinum Plus

Platinum plus can work in conjunction with your factory warranty, so your vehicle is covered-completely. While factory warranties cover most major repairs, they won't cover regular maintenance. Our Platinum Plus plan can help cover wear and tear items like brakes, wheel alignments, and various mechanical breakdowns. Platinum Plus will give you the peace of mind that your factory warranty might not be able to.

The Mechanic

When unexpected breakdowns occur after your factory warranty ends, you could wind up paying hundreds or thousands for repairs. The Mechanic covers repairs after your factory warranty expires. With multiple layers of coverage, you can find the package that fits your driving style in Greenville, MI. The Mechanic covers new and pre-owned vehicles up to 15 years old with 200,000 miles. And there's no yearly limit on repairs. Rental reimbursement and emergency travel expenses are also covered through the Mechanic. Don't get caught off guard. Let the Mechanic keep you and your vehicle in great shape down the road.

Ed Koehn Chevrolet

At Ed Koehn Chevrolet, we will help you get into your new Chevrolet-and help you maintain it after purchasing. We're not just with you in the beginning. We're providing assistance throughout your new Chevy ownership in Rockford, MI. Check us out today. We'd love to show you and your friends that financing and owning a new Chevy isn't tough. It's just a matter of who you have on your side. And we're here for you.